Thursday, October 1, 2020
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I’m Hungry: Peas Please

Sugar snap peas, green peas, snow peas…whichever kind you like they are in abundance at any farmer’s market right now and are so easy to prepare. Personally we like them raw with dip or lightly sautéed with some oil, lemon and garlic but here are some other great ways to prepare peas:

Fresh Green & Sugar Snap Peas in a Sesame Dressing: Talk about peas! This recipe uses two kinds peas and a fast dressing to make one delicious side dish.


Green Pea Hummus Dip: Even though this recipe calls for frozen peas – fresh would be even better, especially when they are readily available right now.  Serve with veggies or toasted pita triangles.


Twenty-four Hour Salad: Don’t get intimidated by the name – this is a simple recipe that uses lots of great vegetables including peas of course!  A great dish for your next pot luck or family gathering.


Pea and Tuna Fishcakes: Who would have thought to add peas to fishcakes? This recipe does and it makes them all the more fun. We make them extra small for our kids which they love and often eat more of than if they were one bigger cake.


Chicken & Citrus Salad: Since you might have a bottle or two of their dressing in your fridge – check out this fresh and easy pea-inspired summer salad from the folks at Kraft.  The kids will love the added fruit and you’ll love all the goodness.

Peanutty Beef Stir-Fry: If there are no nut allergies in your house, this fail-safe recipe from Canadian Living will fast become a family favourite.