Friday, April 3, 2020
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Get Active: Beating Winter Blues

I am SO over winter. Done. Finished with it. I'm tired of dealing with the cold, tired of the seemingly perpetual darkness, tired of the rain and the snow, the ice and the slush. I'm tired of it all and frankly it leaves me feeling…well…feeling tired all the time.

If this sounds familiar to you, it's important to know you are not alone.

When the weather is bleak, the temperatures are frigid, and there's day after day with little outdoor activity or sunlight, it's no wonder we end up feeling down in the dumps, suffering from a case of the all-too-common winter blues.

The winter blues is a term used to describe physical and emotional symptoms triggered by too little activity and sunshine. Symptoms include lethargy, irritability and sadness; this typically leads to a decreased interest in exercise, which in turn leads to decreased energy and enthusiasm. It's a vicious cycle of inactivity and lack of interest.

And it's important to realize not just us grown-ups suffer from this seasonal ailment. You may have noticed your kids are having a harder time getting up in the mornings for school, that they are unusually whiney or irritable, or that they don't seem as interested in the activities that they usually enjoy.   

While chilly temperatures might give everyone a reason to burrow under the covers, don't let it become an excuse for being lazy. Make outdoor activity time a priority for you and your family this winter:

Build snowmen in the yard or go sledding at the neighborhood park.


No snow? No problem. Bundle everyone up and go for walk around the neighborhood or your local park.


Skate at the Oval. You can borrow skates (both children and adults sizes) if you don't have any of your own.


Too rainy or too cold to play outside? Play charades, hide and seek inside or build forts out of pillows and blankets. Got cabin fever? Get out of the house and take the kids to play indoor mini golf, enjoy a family swim at your local pool or spend the afternoon blowing off steam at an indoor play area.

Remember that as little as 15 minutes of sunlight and exercise can change your mood, increase your energy and keep you and your family healthy and happy (and sane) until springtime!


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