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Little Ones: to e-read or not?

There is lots of debate about babies and toddlers using/watching screens. The general thought seems to be less screen time is best. As children get older, there are plenty of apps and games that help pre-schoolers and emergent readers learn the alphabet and practice phonetic sounds. What about when you are using your tablet specifically to read books? Do you ... Read More »

Little Ones: Dry Nights

When, oh when, will my child be dry at night? My twin boys were potty trained shortly before their 3rd birthday. Luck was with me and I was able to accomplish this in a few days going pants-free in our backyard in the spring. Friends (who mainly had daughters, I realized after the fact) noted that a couple of weeks ... Read More »

Little Ones: Back-to-Routine

I know with my three young ones we were all looking forward to the summer; Relaxed routines, stress free- mornings, and later bedtimes. Now that school is just around the corner the time has come to get back in the routine of a busy fall season. My youngest is off to Primary this year so we are taking extra steps ... Read More »

Little Ones: Potty Time

One of the most popular questions we get from parents with young children is how to know when a toddler is ready to potty train and how best to make it a fun learning process for toddlers and parents alike. The good news is that they all eventually get there. For some, a little push will get them interested and ... Read More »

Little Ones: Summer Prep

Summer is here and I am sure, like myself, many of you are planning what the summer is going to look like, both with camps and vacation time with the children! Here are some tips and tricks to make this summer fun and relaxing for everyone, regardless of how old your little ones are! Planning on heading out on vacation ... Read More »

Little Ones: Getting them to Sleep!

We’re very excited to welcome to our newest blog category, Little Ones. Sponsored by the team at Kids & Co, this monthly blog will focus on getting you through the early years – like potty training, bringing home a new baby, transitioning back to work and more. With three young children of my own, a good night’s sleep seems like ... Read More »

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