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Time Well Spent: Dad’s Play

 Special thanks to Ester Pettinger from Uncommon Kids Gear for this great post on some dad's day fun for the whole family. Father's Day, on June 19th, is approaching fast. Perhaps you’ve already got your gifts covered, but what’s more important is how are you going to spend your day together? We’ve been taking notes  at Uncommon Kids and rumour ... Read More »

Weekend wrap-up: June 4-5, 2011

With the warm weather hopefully on it's way and the summer calendar piling up with activities there are many great options to get out and about with your family this weekend. 1. Lebanese Cedar Festival has a lot of fun activities, including bouncy castles for the kids 2. Car seat 101 clinic . Get your car seats primed for any ... Read More »

Weekend Wrap-Up: May 28-29

Lots of fun outdoor activities on the go this weekend, hopefully the weather co-operates! 1. Kermesse is always a hit with the kids and grown-ups alike 2. A road trip to the valley for the apple blossom festival . 3. Get the everyone pumped for some water time with the reluctant swimmer Splat the Cat . 4. Open Street Party! ... Read More »

I’m Hungry: ela! Greek Taverna

It’s restaurant time again and in anticipation of Greek Fest in a few weeks, we’ve picked ela! the local Greek chain of restaurants formerly known as Opa.  (don’t worry, it’s just a name change, due to a legal issue, everything else is the same!)  Actually, the HRM Parent team (minus 1) used this post as an excuse to take all ... Read More »

Tme Well Spent: Talking Tips

Special thanks to Carolyn Dougan, a Halifax based certified Speech-Language Pathologist and the proud mom of two young kids, for this post on taking some time this month to focus on your child's language development. As a parent, it seems like there is always something to worry about. One question most parents have is, “Is my child’s speech and language ... Read More »

Weekend Wrap-Up: May 21-22

With the Bluenose on this weekend the city has been taken over by runners of all ages — some aspiring and some seasoned veterans. It's a great time to get your kids out and active, whether it's running the youth race or cheering from the sidelines. If it's not your thing then it's also a good weekend to escape to ... Read More »

I’m Hungry: Panorea’s Baklava

In celebration of the upcoming Greek Fest, we couldn't help but indulge in a little of the sweet and sticky Greek goodness – special thanks to Bessie Nikolaou from the Greek Fest organizing committee for sharing her family's special recipe for baklava – yum! 1 pound chopped walnuts + almonds1 teaspoon ground cinnamon1 (16 ounce) package phyllo dough* 1 cup ... Read More »

Get Active: Don’t Forget the Fun in Sports

Special thanks to Sport Nova Scotia  for this great article on keeping the fun in sports.  Sport provides enjoyment in many different ways. For the child who scores his first goal, makes her first catch, or connectswith the softball off the hitting tee for the first time, there is that exhilarating sense of excitement and accomplishment. And for us parents, ... Read More »

Time Well Spent: Rainy Spring Days and Game Nights

Special thanks to Ester Pettinger from Uncommon Kids Gear for this great post on board game recommendations. Spring is here, love is in the air, and in the HRM the unwavering attraction between rain and  the weekends proves it. Too damp? Too rainy? If the kids can't enjoy the great outdoors, take advantage of the time indoors. After all the ... Read More »

Weekend Wrap-Up: May 14-15

Indoor and outdoor options are a necessity with the weather lately! 1. Playdate with a Purpose. Support a great cause and check out Go Active Kids 2. Kite Festival  3. Young Naturalist Club, learn about how old growth forests are formed 4. Start planting with this great set and get a start on your family garden! Read More »