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A Dad’s Life: Spring Bingo

Last night a person turned to me and said, ‘I hope we get one more big snow. I want to go skiing again before the season ends.’ While I politely smiled in my mind I thought, ‘Oh you are one of those people.’

It has been such a long winter, too long really. I lost the will to shovel three snow storms ago, and trudging through the snow to go sliding lost its luster really quickly.  I am so ready for Spring, and thankfully it is almost here! According to my calendar Spring will be here on Thursday.  Of course we shouldn’t get to excited this is Canada after all.


The truth is I don’t really trust Spring until May. Even then I am anxious that Winter might take one more swipe at us on the way out.  Still Spring is on the way, there are signs everywhere that we have survived another winter.  For example about a week ago I noticed lady bugs on my kitchen window. The sun must have warmed the window up enough for the eggs to hatch. Now every time the sun hits my kitchen window just right I see another lady bug or two. Also just this past Saturday night while I was working away in my office I was visited by some Spring time ants. Now I am not normally a big fan of ants zipping around my desk, but I decided I would accept this as another sign that Spring was coming.

It can get a little depressing waiting around for that super nice, warm, sunny day that boldly declares that Spring has arrived. So why not until then we make a little game out of looking for small signs that Spring is on the way? Why don’t you play ‘Spring Bingo’ with me?

Every time you see a ‘sign of Spring’ mark it on this game board, and before you know it Spring really will be here. And maybe just maybe if we keep tract of each little sign that Spring is arriving it will give us hope when we see, ‘-7 and a chance of flurries’ in the forecast.







Waking Up To The Sound Of Birds Singing.

Notice People In Spring Jackets

People Getting Their Gardens Ready

Sign Up For Soccer & Baseball Begins

You Notice More Babies In Strollers

Clothing Being Hung Outside

Seeing A Flock Of Canadian Geese

No More Winter Hats/Gloves

Planets In Window Sills

You Can See All Of Your Lawn

You Stop Seeing Salt/Sand On Your Floor Mat

The Air Has A Different ‘Smell’

Ant, Fly, And Ladybug Sightings

Seeing More Joggers

People Washing The Car Outside

You Notice Pussy Willows

Your Kids Are Always Getting Muddy

You Notice That One Hopeful Person Who Wears Shorts And Sandals

Your Cat/Dog Starts To Shed Their Winter Coat

More People Riding Bicycles

The Urge To Spring Clean

You See ‘Johnny Jump Up’ Flowers

Bathing Suits Are On Sale In Stores

The Ground Feels ‘Squishy’

Spot A Baby Animal

Noticing More People Walking Their Dogs

It Is Plus 1!

Trees Have Buds On Them

Lots Of 5K & 10K Races To Sign Up For

You Have Stopped Warming Your Car Up In The Morning

Spring is almost here, it really truly is. There are signs all around us. And I am loving it. But just between you and me, I still am keeping my snow shovel on my front step, just in case.

Christopher Drew is the pastor at Sackville Baptist Church. He is the father for three and the husband of one. He is a self professed geek and gamer. Read more about family, faith, and geekery at

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