Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Little Ones: Dry Nights


When, oh when, will my child be dry at night? My twin boys were potty trained shortly before their 3rd birthday. Luck was with me and I was able to accomplish this in a few days going pants-free in our backyard in the spring. Friends (who mainly had daughters, I realized after the fact) noted that a couple of weeks ... Read More »

But Mommm: Over-scheduled


We are over-scheduled on weeknights. I told myself it would never happen. In fact, I promised myself it would never happen. I believe strongly in play time and free time and family time. Life is hectic enough as two parents who work full-time. Who wants to be running in the door, feeding kids as quickly as you can and then ... Read More »

Weekend Wrap-up: October 25-26, 2014


1. The Discovery Centre is the place to be tomorrow evening for their extra special Spooktacular Event! Join them for crafts, a spider specialist, costume competitions, and more! 2. Big bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster…the gang’s all in Halifax this weekend with “Let’s Dance” a Sesame Street Live presentation that will entertain and delight the whole family. 3. Don’t miss the annual ... Read More »

A Dad’s Life: 5 Years In


I am not sure where the time has gone this Fall but I feel like I have barely had time to sit down and think. I now have a five year old child who is in school! The past five years have been a whirlwind of changes, adjustments and lessons learned. There are times when I am not sure how ... Read More »

But Mommm: Lice


I spend a lot of time staring at my kids. I look at them and my mind wanders off to how incredible they are. I think about how cute they are. I take in all of their features – wanting to soak in everything about them. Sometimes I laugh at myself and realize there will come a day when the ... Read More »

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