Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Bringing Balance: Kids in the Kitchen


We need to get our kids in the kitchen more! We are raising them in a world where almost everything is available pre-made, pre-cooked, or pre-prepared, and sadly, that food is largely responsible for our rising rates of childhood obesity and Type II Diabetes. When we cook at home, too often we are rushed and it’s just easier to do ... Read More »

A Special Life: Teachable Moments

close-up on hand of handicapped child in wheelchair

We are very happy to introduce our latest monthly blog feature called “A Special Life”. We have a few parents on board to contribute (from both our city sites) and are looking forward to reading their insight on raising a child with special needs. Our first blog comes from Julie Brocklehurst, and is all about Teachable Moments…which may just teach ... Read More »

But Mommm: Role Reversal


“Mommy is there something big going on at work soon?” “Hmmm I’m not sure, like what sweetie?” “I don’t know Mom, just something that will change things?” As we lay in her bed she reached out and stroked my hair. There was a seriousness in her eyes as she looked at me with a certain facial expression that has become ... Read More »

Weekend Wrap-up: September 27-28, 2014


1. The new Tony Hawk Rad Science exhibit is now open at The Discovery Centre! At the Exhibit, visitors will be immersed in the skatepark culture that features special skateboarding workshops and demonstrations, multi-media elements and highly interactive exhibits. Take a dip into Newton’s Pool and discover three laws of motion; find the sweet spot on Board Balance; and discover thrust ... Read More »

Time Well Spent: Primary Speech & Language


You may have a child starting school for the first time this year and everything is changing! Your little baby is now in big school and you are dealing with all the adjustments related to this new phase of your family’s life. As you and your child begin to get settled into the routine of school, you may have questions ... Read More »

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