Monday, November 24, 2014

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But Mommm: Panic


If any of you were at the Remembrance Day ceremony at Sullivan’s Pond you may have noticed a frantic looking woman searching all around for her son. One minute he was standing next to her and the next minute he wasn’t. That frantic looking woman was me and those few minutes (until we found him running back after hiding behind ... Read More »

Weekend Wrap-up: November 22-23, 2014


  1. Do you want to spend the winter on the ski hill in an affordable way? Martock Ski Race Club’s Annual Pre-owned Equipment Sale is a great place to pick up previously used equipment for everyone in your family! And at Ski Wentworth it is their annual open house with a ski patrol gear sale, crafts and pay no HST on your ski ... Read More »

I’m Hungry: Santa & Squash


For the past few weeks, my daughter has been asking me about the cold hard truth surrounding Santa Claus. I thought I had another year before I needed to explain the complexities of Santa Claus because up until now, she’s never questioned us about it.  I really believed my 11 -year old daughter, a self-professed believer, would have one more Christmas ... Read More »

Bringing Balance: Mama’s Little Helper


In the interests of full disclosure, let me say this: I have no idea what Hamburger Helper tastes like. But I’ve seen it, and I’ve seen the ingredient list, and this is my best kick at a healthy, tasty homemade version. And my daughter just asked for seconds and if she could have it in her lunch tomorrow, so that’s ... Read More »

A Dad’s Life: excuses for not working out


The gym I belong to is open from 5am-10:30pm.That leaves plenty of opportunity to get in an hour workout. But sometimes I just don’t want to go and workout, but I don’t really have any good reason to avoid it. It is times like these that it takes creativity to avoid all of those chances to go to the gym. ... Read More »

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